Introducion to Finding Funding

During research carried out for our previous project, the WARES project, to assess the financial models available for funding profitable renewable energy enterprise using water company assets in partnership with local communities, showed that various styles and mixtures of partnership and risk could be used in various situations - ranging from limited partnerships to fully integrated developments. Obviously, depending on the particular situation of the water asset owner and user, and their particular financing / investment potential, some financial models will be more suitable than others. Therefore, a simple flow chart has been created to guide users in exploring the financial models which may be available to them.

In using the mechanism, it should become clear that, in general, increased investment comes with increased reward and risk, as it generally means a less equal investment partnership. With investment becoming more equal – working more in partnership, the risk and reward becomes more shared. Using the mechanism

1. Follow the steps according to your objectives and answers appropriate to your situation.

2. If you move along to the green diamonds, this indicates that this is a possible option for your potential RE enterprise.

3. At this point further research should be undertaken to understand the availability of the highlighted option, perhaps utilising other outputs of the RECENT project if relevant to your region.

4. Upon reaching a red diamond, this indicates that a particular avenue of financial sources are not appropriate to your situation, and the flow chart should be used again considering other answer if appropriate.

Download the chart below