Stakeholders in Sweden

Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects impacts on a broad range of stakeholders, which can be divided into different groups. We based our view on stakeholders on the definitions as follows:

Stakeholders can be defined as:

  • Anyone who affects or is affected by your organisation
  • Those groups or persons who have a stake, a claim, or an interest in the operations and decisions of the, financial, or moral claim, explicit or implicit contract
  • They supply resources that are critical to the success of the enterprise (e.g. licence to operate)
  • They place something of value ‘at risk’: i.e. their own welfare is directly “affected by the fate of the enterprise” (e.g. quality, environment)
  • They have “sufficient power” to affect the performance of the enterprise, either favourably or unfavourably (e.g. mobilise social forces, withdraw labour)

(Source: Cranfield University School of Management- Stakeholder Management: A Road Map to Meaningful Engagement)

For Northern Sweden, Jokkmokk municipality did a stakeholder analysis whith the following results:

Stakeholders Sweden