Mentoring in Sweden

What are the Benefits of Mentoring?

Benefits for Mentors:

  • Mentors benefit from the mutual exchange of professional and personal support.
  • Mentoring provides mentees with enhanced coaching— someone to talk to regarding issues, concerns and developmental objectives.
  • Mentors receive insight into the issues facing other pilot communities, from other regions
  • Mentoring provides an opportunity to build critical interpersonal skills and it encourages individual ownership.
  • Mentors gain the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills in developing other pilot communities

Benefits for Mentees:

  • Mentees gain a better understanding of what is expected to advance towards self-sufficiency (e.g., specific behaviours and skills).
  • Mentoring enhances interpersonal and coaching skills that are important leadership success factors.
  • Mentees can gain increased exposure to pilot communities (mentors) who have experience in a certain technology that they are interested in and in turn reduce climate change impacts
  • Mentees receive insight into other pilot communities’ culture, structure and objectives through their Mentors

Mentoring Program