Potential Opportuities

Community Renewable Energy is a cornerstone of the Scottish Government Policy on a range of levels. For a low carbon future, renewable energy is vital. Unlike traditional energy, renewable energy generation gets a wide range of people involved – for the benefit of themselves and their communities.

Local Energy helps to grow local economies, re-generates communities, helps to deliver financial benefits to the community and its stakeholders’ and creates jobs in doing so. Other significant benefits are in helping to reduce fuel poverty, specifically in remote, rural parts of Scotland where this is a big challenge and to increase community empowerment./p>

So, if you are an individual, community group, local, regional or national stakeholder then Scotland has plenty of resources available to help you to research and understand what option(s) may be best to consider in order to take your idea forward.”

Community Forum

Here are a number of useful links for organisations across Scotland who are actively involved in helping individuals and communities look at potential opportunities

Local Energy Scotland Website

Local Energy Scotland (LES)is Scotland’s one-stop-shop for all community renewable energy needs. This network of delivery partners are able to support you at every stage – from initial funding, through development and funding applications, right up to and beyond the launch of your project.

LES provide free and impartial advice. In addition to this, they administer the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES), which offers grants and loans to support local energy development across Scotland. In addition to this, they are able to point you in the direction of other useful funding and support.

It is worth remembering that if you are thinking of developing a local energy project, there is a lot to consider. There are many models, technologies and processes and no two projects are the same. The experience and knowledge gained by LES and its partners over the last number of years ensures that you will always have support, regardless of the type of renewable energy project you are seeking to implement.

Highlands & Islands Enterprise Website

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) have been involved in leading and supporting the growth of the community energy sector in Scotland since 2002. Our region is recognised as a leader in community energy innovation. Many communities are trailblazing innovative developments, leading their communities through a transition to a strong, low carbon economy.

HIE will work in partnership with others to ensure the support and conditions are correct for communities across the area to provide a clear route for the development of their community energy project. Some of our key partners include the Scottish Government, Scottish Investment Bank (REIF), Local Energy Scotland (CARES) and Community Energy Scotland.

Scottish Goverment Hydro Website

The Scottish Government is committed to making Scotland a Hydro Nation. Scotland’s water resource is significant and in a world demanding more food and water, there is good reason to nurture it for long term sustainable use.

Water is of fundamental importance for Scotland’s economy, health, social wellbeing and environment. All businesses rely on the water environment in some way or another and water plays a prominent role in the success of many sectors of the economy. Some are of strategic importance to Scotland’s economy, such as tourism, food and drinks manufacturing and renewable energy generation.

The hydro-economy provides huge opportunities for Scotland which we are determined to seize. Establishing Scotland as a Hydro Nation will maximise the benefits to the Scottish economy through the economic development and good stewardship of Scotland’s abundant water resources.

The Scottish Government will support the development of Scotland’s hydro economy and the enormous potential that this brings. There are 3 main aspects of the Hydro Nation agenda:

• Utilising Scottish expertise to maximise the economic benefit of our abundant water resources within a sound ecological context by reducing energy use, improving efficiency and creating a low carbon water nation.

• Raising our international profile through recognition of Scotland as an international leader on water management and governance – The first Hydro Nation.

• Developing a water centre of expertise and research with international reach. Water is a global resource and Scotland is raising its international profile as a Hydro Nation through knowledge exchange and developing trade opportunities for services, manufacturing and research and supporting international water aid. Scotland as a Hydro Nation will gain direct economic benefit and enjoy an enhanced international profile.

International Resources and Recycling Institute Website

The human race cannot invent any more resources than the world can provide. But we can invent new ways of using them to make them stretch further. International Resources and Recycling Institute (IRRI) does this by creating and delivering practical solutions to resource deprivation that benefit both the human population and the environment.

IRRI designs, develops and manages innovative partnership projects addressing different areas of resource use. Previous projects have been in water management, dealing with groundwater management, and with the creation of new lakes and wetlands; two dealt with renewable energy for communities, and for SME’s; one examined means of helping to make islands more sustainable; and one worked with the principles of variable pricing and the use of smart metering for increased energy efficiency.

IRRI has developed a network of partners throughout Europe, working together on innovations in some of the most critical resource issues confronting modern society, related to water and energy. Its partners have included world-leading bodies such as British Geological Survey, as well as major development bodies, such as Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership. IRRI’s work connects with policy-makers in all regions. IRRI is trusted within the public, private and academic sectors to be able to draw out the most productive issues for exploration, and design projects with interest and potential for a wide variety of partners and concerns.

Scottish Water

Scottish Water is Scotlands national water utility