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Action Renewables

AR is the leading authority on renewable energy in Northern Ireland. The company is a not for profit organisation, and is highly regarded as being impartial and independent. The company is also highly regarded for its level of expertise in all energy related matters, but with a deep understanding of communities and experience of projects functioning in other EU regions. Although it is a small company with just 15 full time staff, the company has expertise in all forms of energy efficiency, climate change issues, CO2 emission reduction, renewable energy, financing issues, community groups and regions within the NPA area. AR has worked with both the public and private sectors, and understands how disparate they both are and has the necessary expertise to manage the triple helix type partnership with the unique issues that can bring.

AR has had substantial experience in EU INTERREG projects during the last number of years. The company’s first experience was as work package leaders in two Strategic NPP projects, SMALLEST and RASLRES. Following this the company joined several new projects, again as WP leads: SECRE, TransTourism, Wares and BIOPAD. More recently AR was the Lead Partner in an award winning Atlantic Area project ‘BATTERIE’. Batterie has a budget of €3.4m and 11 partners. The 3 year project has been successful and will finish on 31st Dec 2014. AR was also the Lead Partner of a smaller Atlantic Area project called ‘REPUTE’. This 1.5 year project had a budget of €1.4m and has 7 partners, and finished in June 2015. Further projects are about to kick off in the form of two new Atlantic Area projects called "SEAFUEL"; a hydrogen public transport project and "REDAWN"; a project looking to take advantage of recovering energy from the water system and in which AR are the lead partner.

AR can be contacted via email : , or telephone 02890727760

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