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Clár ICH

Clár I.C.H. was founded in 2000 and is based in Claremorris, Co. Mayo. Clár I.C.H. was established in response to a growing awareness for the need for social housing and housing related activities targeted at older people, people with disabilities and those living in fuel poverty in Mayo. Clár ICH has been directly involved as a partner in two NPP funded projects, WARES and NEES. As a voluntary housing association, Clár ICH have provided capacity building tools to community owned water schemes and renewable energy pilot projects in the west regions of Ireland. Clar ICH have maximised its strategic community based links with local and national actors to target effectively rural disadvantaged communities. Projects include the development of a 36 unit sheltered housing development showcasing renewable and water conservation features, the delivery of the Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme targeting fuel poor homes by installing energy upgrades, delivering energy upgrades in geographical areas identified as fuel poor by Government Policy, conducting research studies into renewable energy solutions using natural resources available in the area.

Clár ICH has adopted the principles of conservation and sustainability in all projects delivered. These include the formation of a network called the Sustainable Housing Network, funded nationally, and involved the up skilling of staff of voluntary housing associations in the areas of sustainability and conservation. Working with organisations such as ICH ensures that resources are targeted and delivered effectively in rural communities

European Experience

Clár ICH has been directly involved in two NPP projects, WARES and NEES. In Wares Clár ICH researched 2D/3D representation of WARES pilots. They were involved in coordinating development of 2D and 3D maps of sample WARES pilot with consultants, liaising with pilot owners to collate info on site drawings and specifics of renewable energy development.

In NEES, Clár ICH showcased the renewable energy and energy conservation building materials in Mayfield Lake Development. This involved delivering community training and dissemination initiatives as well as building community features with natural material such as a mobile pizza oven. Clár ICH developed a pilot project in the communal building of Mayfield Lake Development insulating the attic with a recycled paper based product called ecocel

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